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I recently hired a terrible mess of a man named "Magic Dante" to essentially ruin my twins' birthday party. I hired this poor performer because of his reviews on the liar website Gig Salad.

When Magic Dante ruined the party, I tried to write about it on Gig Salad, and they kicked me off their site, and did not publish my review alerting people to how terrible of a rip-off Magic Dante was, for being bad at his job.

The website said I could contact it if I had any problems with being kicked off, but when I tried to contact it, I was unable to because "i had been kicked off. Avoid Gig Salad and Magic Dante at all costs.

Reason of review: Magic Dante is the worst magician ever.

I didn't like: Getting kicked off for being critical of a paying advertisor, Gig salad, Fraud, Magic dante.

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Well, the fact is that my friend wrote a bad review of MAGIC DANTE for both YELP and GIG SALAD and both were not published.


GigSalad doesn't review vendors. They didn't lie to you.

If anyone lied it was the satisfied customer who left a good review.

Please try to learn how reviews work. You just look ***.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #1294818

I'm very sorry to hear you had so awful an experience, and can understand your frustration. And no, I don't work for GigSalad, but I've been listed with them for a number of years.

It sounds like your issue is more about faulty, misleading reviews, which if true, do need to be addressed, as it's kinda like false advertising, and potential buyers need to be aware of that.

The entertainment industry can be pretty cutthroat, so I wouldn't put it past people to write bogus reviews, in order to pump up someone who's not very good, or to post negative reviews, in order to besmirch the rep of someone, if they're your competitor.

As someone paying to be listed, I don't view GigSalad like it's Yelp, it's not just a public forum, but a marketing investment, like a magazine or TV ad would be. That said, I don't want anyone who wants to, to post a negative review or a pic or video, that I don't think is complimentary, or accurate.

For one, how good a band or singer might be, is highly subjective, what some people love, others hate. I'm just saying that GigSalad's responsibility is mainly that the entertainer's listing not be misleading, and while the reviews are part of that, if previous clients honestly thought he was OK, or really good, well, you can always use sites like this to put the word out

I know I explore the reviews of products I'm thinking of paying for, so your comments here won't go unheard.

GigSalad will at least verify that the reviews came from who they say, and that they booked through them as well. But I do think it's not reasonable to expect you can post a review saying he was horrible, on a site he's paying to have up.

If you wrote a negative review of Coca Cola, they aren't going to post it in any of their ads, so why should this guy allow stuff that's going to cost him work? You'd hope that if he is that bad, it would be difficult for him to generate any/many positive reviews, no?

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