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They seem to accept volunteer request, and send them out as quote for fee. I question one I received, and ask for more information.

The person email me, and signed it was a Memory of Fund for a City of Dover event. The person was rude and seem to have a problem that I requested more details She went for calling names, to telling me I was awful for not doing events for Free, that I was un Godly for not doing FREE work for 5 hours. and more. I told I as a professional clown and earn a living doing so.

She went than post more crazy stuff about how her daughter die in a firer and that was the memory fund, if you working with a Youth Council for the City of Dover than don't used as memory fund signature on details of. This event was for New Years Eve placed on Gig Salad on Dec 16, far to late for most to view at professional level I inform Gig Salad, they went in the same routine. I would never used them again. so unprofessional, Gig Master is so much better, but a good search engine on a web site does it.

Gig Salad must get a fee from these freebie volunteer people. It is not a site if your looking for booking, I was on for many years and booked maybe 5 events. Most quotes were FREEBIE Volunteer for exposure stuff. 38 years of clowning and GIG SALAD IS A JOKE, I only stayed on it for their search engine is strong.

They seen your events for Volunteer and out of area, clueless business All would do better elsewhere.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for your comment. To clarify, GigSalad does not promote or accept an additional fee for free or volunteered events.

If an event is booked through the GigSalad platform, the same fee is assessed for any event.

In addition, as in any marketplace, every member has the option of simply declining any requests that may be sent.

~Brian, Community Manager for GigSalad

to gigsalad #1088061

This is not TRUE, Gig Salad send the event to you for a quote, you reply to the event asking more details, The event person is sending you harassing email, you inform Gig Salad to remove her, they do nothing, they take your page down state your did follower their guides. Yet they will not listen to a gig professional of 38 year and listed with Gig Salad for more than 10 years.

Because you reply that your bio states no volunteer gigs, that you must earn a living to pay your mortgage and etc. The event person continue to harass you, stating she will trash you, she send signature that she work for City of Dover, she is not even employee by City of Dover She goes by a numerous last names, she copy your professional bio and trashes you on Facebook and the Event of New Years in Dover because it was CANCEL to this person lack of professional event skills she didn't follow rules and permit needs.She send your LinkedIn messages harassing you, she post on your google page a review of harassment I inform the Mayors Office of all Detail, he calls the City Police Det. on the case of this event person harassment of me and stating awful remark about.

City Official. GIG SALAD IS USELESS BULLY IS NOT LEGAL They will not aid and support the professional listing entertainer, Why would any list with them, very wrong.

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